Created exclusively to provide support to people with bureaucratic issues, JST is a company founded nine years ago to offer clients an easy alternative to difficult situations, which so many immigrants have to endure.

JST is an agency set up to deal with documentation issues and provide secretarial services in the Eastern Algarve.

Júlia Tattersall lived in several countries for many years and she knows what it is like to make yourself completely legal in a country: not easy. Realising the difficulties people go through when moving to Portugal, well known for its red tape, Júlia felt she could be of great use to them, easing the documentation process, breaking down language barriers and saving people a lot of time and hassle. She found there was a niche market for her business as few wish to delve into bureaucratic matters, especially when they are not their own!

Working in the Eastern Algarve, Júlia says “We will do whatever we can until the client is needed to be present for signing documentation, until then we will handle matters ourselves and treat each case as if it were our own." We do our best to provide an excellent customer service, constantly keeping up to date with any recent law changes, which happen extremely often, and always looking for ways to broadening our range of services.
JST can help people with paperwork in the following areas: local and municipal councils, property registration, local and national Tax office departments, assistance with residency applications, or any other documentation work which is in need of processing.

In more complex cases, which require legal advice, Júlia works with a lawyer to assist her and will do her utmost to ensure the job is completed in as little time as possible.

JST also rent out homes in the area as a complementary service, both for long and short term rentals.

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Contacts Us +351 281 951 108


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